How do I fit an external PIR light?


I have a 400watt PIR security light (Model ELRO ES400W) which I would like to mount on the front of our property. My current plan is to run the wiring from consumer unit's spare RCD, then out through the front wall and up to the light at a height of about 12 to 15 feet.


My immediate questions are:

  1. Is this routing plan reasonable?
  2. Does the wire have to be in a conduit of some kind; if not  can I just run ordinary lighting wire on the outside wall or does it have to be special wire to avoid deteriation with weather exposure?
  3. What rules are there about the path that the wire must take or must avoid in its route from consumer unit to light fitting?
  4. The spare RCD in the consumer unit has a label beneath it saying "garage". Obviously I will need to ensure that I replace that with an RCD of lower rating, but are there any other things which I need to watch out for when buying a replacement RCD.


Thank you


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Answer from Vector Electric Ltd

Hi Kieth,

There are a number of things for you to consider:

1/ I presume you mean spare mcb not RCD. You can use an existing mcb dedicated to a lighting circuit. Usually 6 amps

2/ Grey pvc cable will need to be in conduit to avoid exposure to UV and water ingress. I prefer to use rubberised cable suitable for external use.

3/ You should always match any replacement mcb with the same manufacturer to avoid warranty issues.